CCEG-BCU 4th Industrial Revolution Technologies Centre (AI, DLT, IoT, 5G)

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Not for Profit technology Thought Leadership in line with the United Nations Declaration of Digital Interdependence and SDGs2030 from BCU-CCEG 4IR Technologies Centre


Ethical IoT

In an environment of ubiquitous smart objects, what do we want them to learn about us and whom do we want them to tell ?


AI Social Engineering

Data driven nudge is embedded in our screens already. 5G enables fully smart homes and smart cities. What should we nudge and why ?


5G Token Data Value

What intangible values will we be measuring, transacting and delivering ? Who owns that value and how is it traded ?

Expert Insights

Thought Leadership

Bringing together diverse world leading expertise from across corporates, academia, NGOs and policy makers, we offer a joined up, E2E socially responsible, ethical and inclusive approach to the commercial opportunities promised by 5G services such as realtime, locative and data driven services, biometric and behavioural analytics, mobile and ubiquitous AI.

Whilst we do not offer expertise in the physical and environmental impact of radiowaves, all our work adheres to WHO Guidelines that are derivative of their 25 year ongoing study into EMFs.

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The 4th Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies Centre (BCU-CCEG 4IR Technologies Centre) focuses on providing structured education, consultancy and research applications in the fields of future mobile, procurement and banking.

This 5G Think Tank is the future mobile strand investigating applications and implications of AI, DLT, IoT under 5G conditions and beyond. The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance is the world’s leading not-for- profit think tank on the movement of value (measurement, transaction, delivery) with 165,000 members founded and led by Professor Olinga Ta’eed.

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